Marq Wines

A self-confessed chemistry nerd, Mark Warren is producing some ‘classics in the making’. With almost 30 Western Australian vintages under his belt, and as the long-standing head winemaker for Happs, there is perhaps nobody as well placed as Mark to understand and champion the true potential for diversity in Margaret River. There also can’t be many harder-working winemakers: each year Mark diligently turns out close to 80 individual wines, including the 12-15 that make up this range.

Marq Wines is an exploration of the potential of alternative varieties and unusual winemaking methods by someone with a great technical understanding and a proven track record for quality wine production. The aim is to produce an interesting range of wines that showcases both the well-known and the lesser-known Margaret River. With a background in plant biochemistry and wine science lecturing (where many years ago, Mark taught 3 bright-eyed young lads who went on to found Jed Wines!) and an experimental spirit Mark is consistently turning out wines that are full of interest, complexity and straight-up ‘glass appeal’. Each wine has a clearly defined style and place within the range, whether it be crisp and acid-driven or crunchy yet textural and smooth. It is obvious when tasting Mark’s wines that he knows exactly the type of wine he wants to make, and indeed, exactly how to make it.

In essence, Marq Wines is the story of an highly accomplished winemaker at the top of his game, taking time out to make exactly the sort of fine, intriguing wine he loves to drink.