About us

Viticult aims to bring together a collection of wines that reflect a few fundamental values that we are proud to stand behind.

We have been in the distribution game since the early 2010s (under our previous incarnation, Jed Merchants) and have opted for this new moniker to reflect the change in direction that our offering has undergone over the past few years.

All wines are carefully stored in our temperature controlled warehouse in Marrickville, Sydney.

We aim to seek out smaller, independent producers of honest and transparent wines. Whilst we don’t adhere to any strict dogma we naturally gravitate towards gentler wines crafted by deft hands. We have the utmost respect for farmers who manage their vineyards as sustainably as their unique conditions allow, and, where possible we always favour organic and biodynamic practices.

In the same vein we are most excited by ‘artisan’ winemakers, those who look to tradition for guidance but use their own intuitions to push boundaries and challenge established norms. Minimal intervention is a term that now seems entrenched in our wine lexicon, and this term best describes the vibe of our producers.

Above all, we love our people, and in our experience a bottle of wine is an extension of the person that made it. So it’s no great surprise that we love their wines too.

Within our portfolio you will discover playful and vibrant wines; you will find some contemporary classics; and you will find some that are elegant and understated. Wines that, no matter where they are from or exactly how they are made, we honestly love to take home and drink. Because ultimately if it doesn’t taste good then we just can’t get behind it.

Love what you drink, with love, from us.