Bodega Colome

National Distribution

High up in the Andes, in Argentina’s north, you’ll find Bodega Colome in the Salta province. At 180 years old, it’s the oldest winery in Argentina, and you will even find malbec cuttings brought from Bordeaux by the founders daughter still produce at 160 years of age.

Colome is located hours away from any other vineyards. The vineyard is, in fact, so remote that they generate their own electricity via water turbines, charged with water from Andes snowmelt. Three vineyards set Colome apart from the rest of Salta: Estate vineyards (2400m), El Arenal (2700m) and Altura Maxima (3100m and the highest in the world). Extreme elevation yield intense aromtics and colours, fruit driven wines but with a savoury house style and acid to boot due to the exposure and cold nights.