Domaine Jousset

Jousset 16.jpg
Touraine, Montlouis-Sur-Loire, Loire
Since 2004, Lise and Bertrand are wine growers in the golden centre of France’s Loire Valley, in the spiritual home of Chenin Blanc, across the river from Vouvray. According to the Jousset philosophy, great wine is made only in the vineyard. Once they have achieved the considerable task of growing perfect fruit containing the essence of the place where it is grown, work in the cellar is reduced to merely patient observation and a guiding hand. With this in mind, Lise and Bertrand spend all of their time in the fields, using organic and biodynamic methods and horse ploughing, encouraging the vines to express the purity of place. Wines are thus vinified with zero oenological interventions, simply very low doses of SO2 where required. of particular interest is Lise and Bertrand’s passion for natural Sparkling wines (Ancestral Method, or “Pet Nat”). Certified organic (ab).