Finca Parera

National Distribution

The Parera family have grown grapes in Penedes for four generations. Their certified biodynamic farm also produces cherries, almonds, prunes and artichokes. Ruben Parera heads up the winemaking with a focus on indigenous varietals and a natural philosophy.

Located 350m above sea level in Sant Lorenc d’Hortons, Catalonia, in the D.O Penedes. Soils on the estate are mostly composed of clay and sandstone with fragments of gravel and conglomerates. It is located in the South-Eastern side of a small valley, exposed to the sun and well ventilated. To the East are the Ordal Mountains, bringing with them a salubrious sea breeze, and to the West is the ‘Magic Mountain’ of Montserrat, providing cover from cloud and rain.

In 1999 the winery was founded and is now run by father Jordi, and his son Ruben. In that same year the Pareras began the reconversion from conventional to organic agriculture across all of their 21 hectares- including plots of cherry trees, olives, almonds and blums, which run right through the property. In 2012 they went one step further and began the conversion to biodynamics, following their philosophy of closing the circle of the winemaking process, from vine to bottle. Finca Parera is now fully certified by Demeter and their goal is ‘to make wines that express the essence of the terroir (soil, climate, vines) where they originate, to show our dedication to organic production and winemaking.’

All harvesting is manual and the grapes are then left to cool overnight. Pressing (for the whites) is done early in the morning. No corrections are made to the must and ferments occur using indigenous vineyard yeasts. Very low amounts of Sulphur dioxide are added at bottling, and sometimes not at all.  Ruben is a wildly passionate young man and a big advocate for ‘natural’ wines and indigenous varietals, which are increasingly being grafted onto the estate in place of the more global varietals that were originally planted. His passion and focus is plain to see in each bottle of these unique and thoughtful wines.