Menard Gaborit

Muscadet, Severe & Maine
Here is another story of deep family tradition in wine growing. The Menard family is up to the 6th generation working their farm and cellar. The vineyard itself was established in 1734. But as with many regions, in the beginning the grapes were farmed and processed and the wine was sold in bulk to the local negotiants or cooperatives. In the 1940s, the first wines were bottled by the estate and the Ménard era began.
 This beautiful organic farm sits right up on top of the hill of Le Pallet, surrounding the historical Moulin de la Minière. Here, there is plenty of nerdy rock stuff to consider, with gneiss, mica schistes, and other geologies. But most importantly to Muscadet is of course the Atlantic Ocean and the Loire river! These create a comfortable, stable temperature range for the region, but also bring the humidity and salty air which add extra textural interest to the wines.
 Today, Philippe and Thiery Menard are at the helm, recently joined by the young Francois who is pushing again in a new direction, experimenting with macerations, cold soaks, and zero So2 cuvées. Grapes are hand harvested and direct pressed. The wines then flow by gravity into underground concrete tanks or old oak barrels, where they stay on lees for a varying period of time, a few months, or up to 2+ years for the richer cuvées.
 These are delightful Muscadet, clean, zippy, always fresh and vital.