A First-generation winemaker from self study, experimentation & learning from experience, Jordan has developed the label to encompass his stylistic approach to traditional and left-field winemaking techniques.
Experimenting and researching more varieties and regions in a ever developing portfolio of unique and considered wines. These are important elements of Jordan and Moorak’s ideology towards winemaking, while having a low impact to the land itself.
Each vintage, Moorak strives for partnerships with sustainable and organic growers, each with a progressive focus on regenerative viticulture. The underlying aim is to present fruit from those with knowledge, a deep understanding of the vines and vehement respect for the land from where it grows. A negotiate style, purchasing grapes from the aforementioned growers, has risen to unique adaptability – allowing Jordan to source, produce and present varieties with more creativity. Not limited by single vineyards, Moorak continues to offer a dynamic range of multi-regional wine produced solely in the one facility.
Located in McLaren Vale, South Australia, the winery is a minimal carbon-impact facility, completely off-grid, using Solar power, rainwater and bore water throughout productions.

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